Wholistic College of India

Masters in Holistic Counselling

Total of 48 lessons plus Thesis
92 weeks part-time (approximately 10 hours of study per week)
46 weeks full time approximately 20 hours of study per week)

Please bear in mind the above time frame is actual study hours. After the first 12 weeks of part-time (or 6-week full time) foundation course, it is common for students to take a weeks break between units. The college is also closed for two weeks in December/January. This can add around 10 to 12 weeks to your course duration.

Actual completion time for the Masters in Holistic Counselling is 104 weeks part-time (2 years) or 56 weeks full time. Students can also request longer study breaks between modules (up to four weeks) making the possible course duration longer again.

Graduates will receive the Mind Body Education Masters in Holistic Counselling and are entitled to use the letters Mast.Hol.Couns.(MBEd)

There are eleven programs which form this comprehensive training course and career pathway and students will receive the relevant certificate each time they graduate from a level.

The programs are: (Course content for all of these programs are listed at the end of this page).

Level One: Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development
Includes: Certificate of Meditation Teaching, Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction and Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching.
This is an important foundation course for Holistic Counsellors as it will provide you with a strong understanding of meditation as a therapy and a range of tools for you to use with your counselling clients. It will also give you a good basic understanding of how stress and fear effect health on both a physical and psychological level.
Level Two: Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy (ANSR)
Level Three: Certificate in Brain Body Medicine
Level Four: Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling
Level Five: Certificate in Holistic Trauma and Abuse Counselling
Level Six: Certificate in Holistic Grief and Loss Counselling
Level Seven: Certificate in Holistic Telephone Counselling
Level Eight: Certificate in Holistic Marriage and Relationship Counselling
Level Nine: Certificate in Corporate Stress Management
Level Ten: Holistic Psychotherapy
Level Eleven: Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis
You will also receive your Diploma of Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling and your Advanced Diploma in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling and Your Masters in Holistic Counselling

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